Nasser Arab,B.Sc.,Bachelor of Science,Consulting,Finance

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 Academic Career

  • 2008 – 2012 University Cologne
    • Field: Business Economics


  • 2012 – 2016 University Bonn Rhein-Sieg
    • Field: Business Economics
    • Emphasis: Finance / Consulting


  • Graduation: Bachelor of Science


Always ready for new projects.

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Market Research

Number Analysis


 Professional Experience

  • 2012 – 2014 : Several Clients
    • Freelancer


  • 2014 – 2016 : Dialogfeld Sales Support
    • Experience Consultant 


  • 2016 – open : Freelancer
    • Finance / Communication

My specific attributes

Strategic Thinking

Look out over the box and read between the lines. Analyze and structure complex situations. Planning and management, control of projects to identify possible factors which contributes to the development of the company. Networked thinking and readiness for any risk.

Number Sense

If all 6 fields of a cube with the numbers 1-6 are of the same size , we have a possible overall result of 6. Thus Ω = 6. Which leads to an amount of 6, with | Ω | = 6. Therefore the event „E“ is limited to 3 with | E | = 3. Because it can only arise 3 straight or 3 odd numbers . What is now the probability that the event straight / odd number falls ? The probability P is therefore P of E with P (E) = | E | / | Ω | = 3/6 = 0.5. Consequently, the probability is 50% to hit an even or odd number . This in order to transfer to a job interview, leads to the same result with P ( E ) = 0.5 . The probability that the event “ interview “ arrives , is 50% .


The bird goes out in the morning with an empty stomach and returns at night with a full stomach. Just as the bird relies on its supply , customers rely their matters to the institution . Be trustworthy and create an atmosphere of trust, one respond to you with confidence and your work is bearing fruits.


Be a role model for both customers and employees , thus for all people . Be up to date and always learn something new, learning never stops . Acquire knowledge and pass it on. Only those who are willing to share knowledge are also inclined to get knowledge. Use the ability to communicate, to figure out an optimal market analysis . Use every criticism as an opportunity to make progress and take it as a chance  to work more effective and productive .

Mr. Arab is a motivated employee who realise the objectives assigned to him . He is a resilient and persistent employee. All his tasks always coped well, even under difficult working conditions. Due to its solid expertise Mr. Arab achieved an outstanding success in his work. With his achievements Mr. Arab meets our requirements and expectations in a good way so that we are with him always fully satisfied.

Niels Schiff, Managing DirectorDialogfeld Sales Support GmbH

Regularly Nasser and me have creative sessions about new ideas and projects we can reach together. It is so much fun to talk and sit together with him to focus on new businesses. I fully recommend him for a Vacancy in your Company."

Isa Taspinar, User Experience Designer, StrategistB.A/M.A. Media psychology

His behavior towards supervisors and employees is always perfect . Towards our business partners and customers Mr. Arab occurs always courteous. The company is always well represented by him .

Haroon HezamiDepartment Chief New Media

Something about me.

As a graduate in business administration with an emphasis in finance and business consulting I acquired my theoretical knowledge about economic behavior.

With the Bachelor – Thesis „Islamic Finance“ I could deepen this knowledge in a scientific way.The networked thinking both microeconomic and macroeconomic level gives me the ability to classify me in different economic sectors.

Thus I like to put me in new challenges and believe that new ways only occur by walking them.

In this my personal process be :

The company philosophy has to reach the customer.

New projects are defined or existing should be revised.

I am happy to help with my expertise to reach the goal .

I believe in the maxim , „Together we will create more „.

So I would like  to integrate myself in a goal-oriented team,

where we looking together for the best possible solution


Before the project starts I organize together with you a promising strategy

that does not fail its target.

So an ongoing success is guaranteed.

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+49 (0) 176 / 30187459
Monday to Friday 9 AM to 18 PM

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