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Nasser Arab

B.Sc. Business Administration Focusing On Finance And Business Consultancy

As an University graduate of Business Administration with the focus on Finance and Consultancy I had the chance to acquire theoretical knowledge on economic actions. With the Bachelor-Thesis „Islamic Finance“, I could deepend this knowledge scientifically. On my last permanent Position as an Experience Consultant for Samsung I was able to put this knowledge into practise.

Networked thinking on microeconomic as well as macroeconomic level gives me the ability to classify me in various sectors of the economy. Thus do I like new challenges and believe that a new way arise only by going it

What I Do
  • Finance Consulting
  • Financial Administration
  • Telecom Applications
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Account Management
  • Customer Care and Client Service
  • Public Speaking
  • Management

What Are My Key Skills ?

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Appreciation of Numbers
  • Trustability
  • Collaboration

Strategic Thinking and Appreciation of Numbers

  1. To analyse and structure Complex Circumstances
  2. Planning , Design and Development
  3. Joined-up Thinking and Readiness for any risk
  4. Success Rate
  5. Customer Value
  6. Sales Potential

These Points helped me on my last Permanent Position to drive the brand and campaign strategy. This, by optimized the business models resulting in a 23% higher revenue than expected.

Furthermore successful establishment of an exclusive Samsung Shop-in-Shop Surface and significant involvement.

Trustability and Collaboration

To bear fruit it is important to be trustworthy. By being trustworthy and create an atmosphere of trust, someone receive trust.

One key for expanding is to collaborate. Acquire knowledge and  pass it through. Use the chance to communicate and take therefore the time for employee as well as for customer and you will be able to work more effective and more productive.

High Performance

Performance is the key to achieve high revenue and a great ROI.

And that is the Reason why I stand for strategic thinking, making values visible and viral and collaboration.

Experience Years
The Difference

Experience true business performance increases

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Sankt Augustin, Germany

Mobil: +49 176 30187459

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